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Your Resume Is Your Pitch

If you are looking to find a job in Adelaide in South Australia, our team of expert resume writers can assist. Our team has helped professionals from all sectors to break into the
Adelaide job market. Our team can help you create a polished and professional resume and
cover letter that will give you the best chance of landing your dream job. Whether you’re just starting
out in your career or looking for a change, our
professional resume writers can help you make the most of your job search in Adelaide. To move forward with confidence in your next career move, take advantage
of The Career Agency’s
resume services in Adelaide.

My professional career kicked off thanks to The Career Agency and I’m very content with where I am right now.

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Use professional resume writing.

In today’s competitive job market, your resume is one of the most important tools you have for finding a job. A well-written resume can help you stand out from the crowd and increase your chances of getting an interview. 

However, writing a resume can be a daunting task, and it’s easy to make mistakes that can hurt your chances of getting hired. That’s where professional resume writers come in. 

Resume writers are experts in crafting resumes that will grab the attention of potential employers and showcase your skills and experience in the best possible light. In addition, resume writers can help you target your resume to specific jobs, which is essential in today’s competitive job market. 

By using a professional resume writer, you can rest assured that your resume will give you the best possible chance of landing the job you want. Use our resume writing services in Adelaide today. 


Move forward with confidence.

Turn your current resume into a document that’s guaranteed to get you an interview thanks to our fantastic resume writing team in Adelaide. We know what recruiters are looking for, and we’ll make sure that your job related skills and experience shine through in any new resume or cover letters we produce. 

No matter what industry you’re in, we have a writer we can match to your industry and needs. We’ll produce a resume that will help you move forward in your career with confidence. 

 Some of the industry areas our Adelaide resume writers have written for include:

  • Finance and banking
  • Food and beverage 
  • Training and education
  • Transport and logistics
  • Government and public sector
  • Medical and pharmaceutical
  • Fashion and apparel  
  • And many, many more

 As a company our resume writers have helped thousands of people win promotions, break into new job markets, and secure their dream jobs. To work with our down-to-earth and highly supportive Adelaide team, contact us today. 


How Do You Lift Your Resume From The Middle Of the Pack? 

1. Pimp your value.
Go narrow. Focus on why you are their ideal person and share this in clear language in your opener.

2. Appeal to hirer motivators.
What were some highlights of your past experiences? Hirers want to get to know the person behind all the skills and qualifications. They want to know who they might be employing.

3. Lead with the punch.
Pique their interest by leading your bullets with the result rather than the action. Use language that paints a picture of you in action and demonstrates your value to potential employers. Avoid generalities and vagueness – be specific about what you did, how you did it, and what the outcome was.

4. Make it easy to skim.
Short and sweet makes it easier for the reader. Your resume is never the only one that is being read. If your writing is too dense, they may stop reading before they truly get to see your value as an employee.

5. Use keywords.
Many hirers use applicant tracking systems to rank your resume. Take some time to research the job opening and identify the key skills and qualifications that are required for the role and then integrate this language into your resume.

There are a lot of resume writing tips out there, but if you want your resume to stand out from the middle of the pack, you need to do more than just follow the basics. Work one-on-one with one of our resume services Adelaide writers or learn more here from a resume writing specialist.

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