Websites of Interest

Other Useful Resources During Your Job Search

Job Search 

Free sites are available to assist with your job search as well as learning more about yourself and your values, personality and career choices with psychometric assessments.


  • Indeed  This free job search tool allows you to search for jobs by salary, industry, job title, experience level and more. It all pulls in jobs from all over the internet so you can access them in one place.  You can also set up job alerts to make sure you don’t miss out on the newest opportunities.

  • LinkedIn – Help you navigate the challenges of today’s job market with resources to assist with your resume, build your job search strategy, lean on your professional networks and improve your interviewing skills.

  • 123 Test – Free psychological tests for every career question and personal development. From career choice to IQ, for personality and job test assessment practice.

  • 16 PersonalitiesTake the Personality Test and get a “freakishly accurate” description of who you are and why you do things the way you do.

  • Truity –  Powerful, scientifically validated personality tests to help you grow and find your way in life.

Autism Specific Information and Support

Employment services


Information about employment & pathways to employment

  • Jobseeker Toolkit from Australian Network on Disability (AND) helps youth prepare for finding a job. They also have a list of support services from AND and other providers.
  • Youth Central has lots of information about finding employment and further study.
  • Broaden your Horizons is a guide for young people with a disability on their options post-school. It includes information about supports, education pathways, employment, and advocacy.

Jobseeker Tools


Autism/LGBTQIA+ peer group

Emotional Support

Dealing with losing your job, no matter how or why it happened, and having your income unexpectedly reduced can be challenging for many people and can cause significant emotional distress and financial strain.

These events can take a serious toll on people’s health and wellbeing, their relationships, their families and how they see their future.  Research shows job or financial loss can increase the risk of developing anxiety and/or depression however, there are steps you can take to regain a sense of control over your situation.


Financial Support

Losing your job can come as a shock and mean big changes to your lifestyle. Steps can be taken to manage your money outlined in How to Cope with Being Unexpectedly Unemployed by Moneysmart. 

Social Media

To seek advice and resources from career thought leaders, social media platforms offer a wealth of information.

Industry Associations

Professional associations define the profession and ensure members keep up with industry developments and best practice.  Members are expected to complete a number of personal development hours to keep their membership current and to uphold the high standards of the Associations.   All our career coaches are members of professional industry organisations, receiving the latest up to date knowledge, so you can be confident you are always receiving the best advice.

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