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Every Career Can Be Extraordinary.

Forget waiting for the right chance, it’s time to create your own opportunities. 

Our award-winning career team will be by your side as you take the steps you need to stand out, progress and thrive. 

We specialise in:

  • Creating clarity so you know you’re on the right path;
  • Marketing your skillset in your resume, LinkedIn and letters so employers recognise your true value;
  • Enhancing your impact in the market at interview, and beyond, to turn opportunities to offers;
  • Making job search easier through simple changes that will fuel future career success.

If you are serious about your career success, we’ll help you stand out, move forward and thrive.





Award-winning Resumes

Win hirers’ attention with the skilled writing of our award-winning resume team.

Our resume writers will strategically craft the content and design of your resume to reinforce your value, draw attention to your relevant skills and maximise your results in current HR technologies.

Interview Performance Coaching

Turn interviews into offers and walk into each interview confident with strategies to excel at every stage of the behavioural interview process.

Benefit from the knowledge of interview training experts who’ve trained the HR teams of leading Australian organisations. Our experts can help with both face-to-face and video interview coaching.

Personal Branding

Build your authority in the market and optimise your visibility through personal brand definition and strategy.

Our personal branding team will help you identify your unique value proposition and show you firsthand the difference that a strong and credible personal brand can bring to your career.

Optimised LinkedIn Profiles

Attract the attention of hirers with an optimised LinkedIn profile including a professionally designed banner, keyword optimised content and your personalised LinkedIn strategy plan.

Our LinkedIn coaching will help you take actions to build visibility and influence and exude professionalism. We’ll help you stand out.

Career Transition & Outplacement

Move forward with confidence following redundancy or career change with the help of our career transition programs and services.

Work with our team to assess your next steps, enhance your career materials and streamline your job search efforts. We offer career advice and support to help you transition successfully.

Career Direction & Strategy

Contemplate your next move, find your true calling, or accelerate your career progression with the support of a qualified career consultant.

Together you’ll assess the many variables that go into shaping your best career life, empowering you to conquer doubts so you can move ahead with conviction.

Our advice and work have featured in

Make the Shift From Hunter to Hunted

Do you have a clear brand?  Are you sought out for your expertise? If you lost your job tomorrow, would you have the influence and reach in your industry to open new doors and find new opportunities?

The world of work has changed. Today successful careerists have a new mindset and a different set of skills. They are proactive and persistent – forget looking for a job, they’re building a profile that brings opportunity to them. They sharpen their skills, invest in their networks and pivot continuously while keeping one eye firmly on the horizon.  Their value proposition is clear, their marketing is slick and their credibility is rock solid. 

Our team are experts in helping you build your career and professional brandRemember the micro-actions you take today create the momentum you need tomorrow. 

Applied for 6 roles - got interviews for all of them

She believed in me and now so do I.

 I have never felt so confident . She provided me the skills and the tools to move forward in my life. She believed in me and now so do I.

Thank you for the "new me!"

Thank you for the “new me”… I was overwhelmed and teary reading the resume!  You are a professional at this and your just the person  I needed for assistance!”

A veritable miracle worker!

You are fabulous!!  A veritable miracle worker! I am so excited and pleased with the my new CV package and cannot say thanks you enough for your time, dedication and skills; pulling a rabbit out of a hat for me….twice! 

On to bigger and brighter things..

I took so much of Geoff’s advice yesterday in my interview, I think he would have been proud lol. I’m so happy that I have landed my new job on to bigger and brighter things.

I applied for three jobs with my "shining new resume"

I appreciated the way Beverly was able to decipher all of my achievements, accolades and training credentials over the past 10 years and lovingly produce such an amazing document. The personal touch of my artwork transformed into the header, was a touch of brilliance and has made my resume stand out from the crowd.

One-size-fits-all is not our style

At the Career Agency we do things a bit differently.


We’ve never been a believer in the one-coach-for-everything approach. Generalists are good at a lot of things – but when it comes to your career you need more than adequate – you need ‘mind-blowingly amazing! 

Our team are just that – each one knows what they do best and has dedicated their careers to becoming experts in their calling. We have award-winning resume writers, interview training specialists, career design coaches across a range of industries, personal branding gurus and more.

In today’s world of crowded markets and short attention spans, you need people who can give you a visible advantage. You want… 

  • A resume and a LinkedIn profile that knocks hirers’ socks off, and written by a writer who knows how to present your background for optimum impact, and how to optimise your content for maximum visibility in modern technologies.
  • Personalised interview coaching and preparation so you know what to expect in your upcoming interview and to refine your responses so you can outperform your competition on the day.
  • A trusted confidante and career design coach to provide expert advice and help you find clarity about your next steps, giving you the confidence you’re on the right path and feeling focused with a clear battle plan to achieve your goals along the way.  

 Our team is knowledgeable, qualified and most importantly ‘real’. You can talk to them, put your trust in them and partner with them no matter what your needs. With a stable of passionate experts in-house in locations right across Australia, we can customise support to meet your specific needs – whether that be support following redundancy, or a hand to win your dream job.  




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