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Resume and Cover Letter Tips

If you want to grab the attention of a potential hirer, use our Tweak Your Resume guide to target each role you are applying for as this will greatly increase your chances of making it to interview stage.

Go the extra mile by adding a personalised cover letter to your marketing documents, use our Cover Letter Writing Guide to assist you with this.

Once done, check out our short video below on some industry tricks used to save space and reduce the length of your resume.  If it’s 6 pages it’s far too long!

Job Applications

Keep track of all the important details of your job applications such as company’s you have applied for and any responses received, along with your follow up actions in this handy Applications Tracker.  Keeping all these details easily accessible will ensure you remain organised and that all vital information is at your fingertips when you receive an important call from a perspective employer in response to your application.

Before you apply for your dream job, make sure you do these three things in the video below for increased success!


Keep track of upcoming and past job interviews, locations, the interviewers names, notes and follow up actions.  Don’t risk missing any important dates, calls or meetings – you will know exactly where you’re at and what needs to be followed up.   Use our free Interview Tracker to keep organised.

Don’t forget to think about your post interview questions.  Our video below will help you prepare some thoughtful and clarifying questions to show you have researched the role and the company making you a perfect hire!

4 Ways to Calm Your Interview Jitters

Pre-interview nerves are a big issue. It’s great to be prepared but what are some quick research-backed things you can do on the day to rid yourself of the jitters so you can perform at your peak?

Check out these four quick things you can try to help calm and prepare yourself.

If you have an interview coming up check out our interview coaching services. Not only will you learn strategies for nerves, formulas to sharpen your answers but you’ll also practice your skills using one of the leading video interview platforms being used by hirers. 


This Networking Activity Tracker will help keep a record of all your contacts in one handy location with names, contact details and notes to jog your memory about each person.  Networking and connecting with current contacts as well as creating new connections is another strategy to help you find that perfect new role.

Australian Salary Guides 2021

The latest research has been compiled for hiring managers, business leaders and jobseekers, to include an overview of salaries, hiring trends and the future of work in your industry.  Download this free comprehensive list of Australian Salary Guides.

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