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Turn interviews into job offers.

Whether via video or face-to-face, today’s interviews are rigorous and unpredictable, so it’s only natural that so many people find interviews stressful and unpleasant experiences.
job interview preparation you can rely on to build your confidence, trust The Career Agency. We’ll help you prepare for today’s current interview systems, present with impact, and practise
answering interview questions in a way that will make you stand out to a hiring manager.

I was successful in my interview and was given the promotion I wanted. The guidance and support I received was invaluable. 

All the coaching has paid off! I got accepted for the position I applied for. Thank you so much for the help and guidance!

Unleash your full potential in your next job interview.

With expert interview coaching and advice gained from The Career Agency, your next interview with a potential employer could be the best interview you have ever had. Through hands-on training and video interview coaching, our experts will help you prepare for interview questions and current interview forums so you present with maximum impact.

Our interview coaching team is based in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth, and Newcastle. Our expert interview coaches have trained the HR departments of many of Australia’s leading organisations in these cities. Interview training at The Career Agency covers the latest on both face to face and video interviews, coaching on scoring systems, including preparation for behavioural interview questions, assessment centres, panel interviews and situational interviewing. 

Whether you’re interviewing for an executive or management role and require specialised executive interview coaching, or you’re going for an entry-level position, The Career Agency can help you deliver your best performance.


Prepare for a job with expert interview coaching services.

Our interview training team works closely with you on the areas and interview skills that deliver the highest impact. When you practice interviewing with The Career Agency you can feel confident that our guidance, tips, and feedback will be personalised to your needs and the job description of your upcoming interview. Our professional interview coaching team will provide you with both general and industry-related job interview questions as we prepare you.

  • 9 out of 10 organisations use behavioural interviews during their recruitment process. At The Career Agency we’ll help refine your behavioural interview answers and ensure you are on-message with your responses to industry-related behavioural interview questions that may be asked.
  • Pre-interview nerves or concerns are quickly addressed so you perform at your peak in all future job interviews.
  • You’ll be brought up-to-date with emerging screening tools including asynchronous video interviews and psychometric assessments.
  • Your interview skills coaching team will pinpoint any interview-limiting behaviours negatively impacting your scores.
  • In an interview coaching session we’ll collaboratively create strategies to optimise your outcomes in salary negotiations.
  • Finally, in a pressure-free mock interview we’ll assess subtle body language issues to refine your impression including tactics to enhance your presence, gestures and eye contact within online and recorded interviews.

The Career Agency has now partnered with Spark Hire, who are a leading Video Interviewing Platform used by hirers, and the system which our expert interview coaches use during dedicated practice video interview coaching sessions. Learn more about our video interview preparation and coaching.

 Feel completely confident entering the recruitment process with the interview training team at The Career Agency. For those considering a career change, we also offer career coaching services here.


Why Choose The Career Agency?

The Career Agency was created with a drive to ensure that talented professionals were no longer overlooked and under-remunerated simply because
they didn’t stand out
when they answer interview questions

Our success stems from a genuine interest and joy for seeing others succeed in the interview process and get their dream job. We know you have the skills,
but we want to make sure you get the recognition, respect and remuneration that you deserve for your hard work and perseverance.
Choose The Career Agency for
interview preparation you can trust. We offer our interview coaching service nationwide.

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