As LinkedIn introduces its newest feature, a video cover story – you might be wondering how to maximise this opportunity. Let’s face it – doing a great video isn’t easy.

Here are some tips to help

  1. Get clear on your message.

If you are doing a video cover story, you want your message to align with your career goals. Start by understanding your intent for the video and what you want potential visitors to your LinkedIn profile to know. Clarity on your message should be the start of your process. Refine this until you have it right.

Professional videographer Nathan Warner says pre-production is critical. 

“Scripting, formatting and messaging needs to be in alignment with your businesses values. It’s important to absolutely be 100% on the blue prints of the house before you start construction. “

2. Set up to create an on-brand impression.

Make sure your video set up enhances your impact. Position your webcam so that you have good muted lighting from in front. Place yourself in the middle of the frame and stage your backdrop to look simple and professional. Alternatively, use a green screen to assist.

3. Refine your delivery.

Your tone of voice, gestures and non-verbals make up just as much of the message as your content does. Nerves often make us speed up our speech. Keep to 120-130 words per minute but still inject energy into your delivery. You are aiming for approachable and professional. Make sure to use a microphone to get great sound.

4. Work it until you love it.

This is your introduction so spend time getting it right!

These exciting new features roll out this week, and when you have recorded your Cover Story, your photo will have an orange ring, and the preview of your video will play without sound within your photo frame.

I can’t wait – bring it on! 

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