We used to say job search is a ‘numbers’ game. Now we say differently.

 The old adage of applying in bulk to as many job board vacancies as you can find is inefficient, and worse ineffective. Why?  Because it dilutes your energy, focus, and impact.

If you are applying in bulk you most likely aren’t given due time to:

  1. Getting squarely inside the mind of the hirer so you can leverage maximum empathy and insight in your application response
  2. Custom designing your resume from top to bottom to position your capability and fit for their business, and to feature and highlight your relevant key value points
  3. Analysing your network across your 1st, 2nd and 3rd level connections to source information, introductions, and referrals.
  4. Creating your game plan for approach, contact, connection, and follow up

Today ‘spray and pray’ has been replaced by the far more successful ‘aim and frame’ approach.

Instead of hammering on the keyboard churning applications out and hoping for a bite, put your focus on quality, rather than quantity.


career development approach

Job boards are high competition with low returns.  These success rates drop further again the less time you put into customising your response.

Maximise your results by specifically identifying and targeting ideal-fit organisations and opportunities.  Generate impact with a well-considered game plan supported by high-impact materials that dare the hirer to ignore you.    

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