Changing careers can be daunting for some while exciting for others. Maybe your role has been made redundant, or perhaps you feel you’re destined for more and its time for a change. Whatever your reason, being self-aware and establishing an organised approach to job search is recommended.

A good place to start is determining what type of role you’d like to target moving forward taking into consideration your personality, values, skills and interests. If you’re unsure what these are perhaps engage the help of a professional career coach to help gain clarity, or look at websites like myfuture – Australia’s National Career Information Service, or Your Career to begin the process.

Once a target has been established begin to consider the type of company culture you’d like to be part of. Be clear on the environment you need to thrive.

This may require a few moments to brainstorm past circumstances where you have felt energised, and everything has flowed well as you’ve navigated challenges and desired outcomes.

  • Write down the qualities of people who were part of your tribe at the time, how you were, or why you felt supported. The more you articulate here the clearer you’ll be on the type of organisation you want to work for going forward. Also consider and be aware on what has and does drain your energy as this is part of the equation too.
  • Determine the values an organisation must hold that compliment and align with your own, and decide which of these are non negotiable.

As you begin to get a clear picture of who you are and what’s important to you, so too will your ideal role.

Taking the time to discover more about you and what you want in the initial stages of a career transition will set you up for a rewarding future in an environment that supports you to thrive!


“Planning is a process of choosing among those many options.

If we do not  choose to plan,

Then we choose to have others plan for us.”


Richard I. Winwood


Enjoy discovering more about you and the tribe you need to thrive.  If you want help discovering your new direction or need help faster,  chat with one of our experienced Careers Coaches.