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Resume and Cover Letter Templates

Build your standout resume using one of these Professional Resume templates that are Applicant Tracking System (ATS) compliant, and tweak your resume to target each role you are applying for, increasing your changes of making it to interview stage.

If you really want to grab the attention of a potential hirer, and stand out from the crowd, write a letter with impact using our Cover Letter Writing Guide.  



Job Applications

Keep track of all the important details of your job applications such as company’s you have applied for and any responses received, along with your follow up actions in this handy Applications Tracker.  Keeping all these details easily accessible will keep you organised and ensure vital information is at your fingertips when you receive an important call from a perspective employer in response to your application.

The Pre-Application and Interview Checklist outlines step-by-step in the application process to ensure you’re already ahead of your competition and well prepared ahead of your interview.


Keep track of upcoming and past job interviews, locations, the interviewers names, notes and follow up actions.  Don’t risk missing any important dates, calls or meetings – you will know exactly where you’re at and what needs to be followed up.   Use our free Interview Tracker to keep organised.

Go one more step with this Free Virtual Interview Preparation with 30 minute long mock interview sessions, designed to leave you with the basic essentials to boost your confidence and ace your interviews.


This Networking Activity Tracker will help keep a record of all your contacts in one handy location with names, contact details and notes to jog your memory about each person.  Networking and connecting with current contacts as well as creating new connections is another strategy to help you find that perfect new role.

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